GAMING: Rock Band, Guitar Hero, SingStar and even more music!


Wow! What a huge week for lovers of music and rhythm games (which we happen to be). Rock Band finally got released in Australia, and a week later, Guitar Hero: World Tour hits the shelves too. And while that was happening, we also received Rock Band 2, Rock Band AC/DC and a bunch of other titles in the mail ready for our hot little hands and plastic instrument collection.

Be warned - this episode is huge - 47 minutes, 10 games, lots to talk about. Take a look at the breakdown below for timecode and score information, and I hope you enjoy.

  • 01:50 - Rock Band - SCORE 8/9
  • 11:09 - Guitar Hero: World Tour - SCORE 9/9.2
  • 20:05 - Rock Band 2 - SCORE 10/10
  • 23:50 - Rock Band AC/DC - SCORE 7.5/8.5
  • 25:45 - Wii Music - SCORE for young kids 5.5, for everyone else 2.5
  • 30:04 - Rock Revolution (DS) - SCORE 8/7.8
  • 33:00 - Guitar Rock Tour (DS) - SCORE 6
  • 34:10 - Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades (DS) - SCORE 8
  • 37:11 - SingStar: Singalong With Disney - SCORE 8, 9 for fans
  • 40:04 - SingStar: ABBA - SCORE 9 (even for younger kids)
  • 42:02 - Roundup

During the podcast we mentioned that there are sensitivity problems with the Guitar Hero: World Tour drums. If you're experiencing this, please head to the following site and order the USB to MIDI cable to be able to tune them to exactly your preference.

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  • Bronwen Zande

    Nice summary guys! Can’t wait for Rockband 2 now :)

    I prefer GHWT guitar over rockband one. Like the progressive visual stars in Rockband rather than waiting till end in GHWT.

    Find Rockband expert easier than GH 2 and 3?

    Should play you guys online!

    Nov 18, 2008 at 7:59 am
  • mrandypuppy

    Hey Bron - yes definitely - Rock Band Expert is easier than GH2/3 and even perhaps easier than GH:WT.

    What I’m not sure of is whether it’s because they’ve made it easier, or whether it’s because the Harmonix guys just rock at getting the feel for the music better.

    GH:WT feels like it’s pattern matching to a certain degree - so when you hit stuff in Expert, the developers have gone “man, we need to make this bit difficult” and artificially configured note patterns for that reason, while RB is more just “this is the way the song should go”.

    Nov 18, 2008 at 9:29 am
  • Tonette Sannon

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