GAMING: Crash: Mind over Mutant, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, de Blob, and much more


JakeYugi returns to the mic this week and is getting heaps better at speaking about the games - one thing I've been enjoying is doing this with my son, and see him have a good time at it all. This episode we're talking about games aimed squarely at the family with the big one for us both being Crash: Mind over Mutant, the latest outing by our favourite bandicoot. This is sure to be the first of a few dedicated casts specifically aimed at more accessible games as we approach Christmas, hoping to give our viewpoint on some of the latest (and possibly greatest games).

As is NOW normal practice, here are the timecodes and scores for the games we talked about.

  • 00:45 Crash: Mind over Mutant - SCORES - Me 8.5, Jake 9.5
  • 09:00 Buzz Junior: Ace Racers - SCORES - Me 5, Jake 4.5
  • 14:25 Motorstorm Pacific Rift - SCORE 9
  • 21:35 Carnival Games: Mini Golf - SCORE 7.5
  • 25:15 de Blob - SCORE 8.5
  • 30:00 Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition - SCORE 8.5
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